HHexen 1.6.3

Last updated: 30 March 2013

Hacked Hexen is a Linux port of Raven Game's old shooter, Hexen.

1. About

2. Download

3. Prereqs

4. Compiling

5. Playing the Game

6. Custom Music playback

7. Hints

8. Todo

9. Short Changelog

10. Contact

1. About

This is a new release of Dan Olson's excellent Hacked Hexen, by the authors of Hammer of Thyrion (Hexen II). We're applying fixes, adding a few features, and ensuring it runs on most *nix operating systems.

2. Download

3. Prereqs

There exist several versions of the hexen.wad file:

1.0 wads:
  b2543a03521365261d0a0f74d5dd90f0  hexen.wad (20,128,392 bytes)
  1077432e2690d390c256ac908b5f4efa  hexdd.wad ( 4,429,700 bytes)

1.1 wads:
  abb033caf81e26f12a2103e1fa25453f  hexen.wad (20,083,672 bytes)
  b68140a796f6fd7f3a5d3226a32b93be  hexen.wad (21,078,584 bytes -- Mac version)
  78d5898e99e220e4de64edaa0e479593  hexdd.wad ( 4,440,584 bytes)

Demo wad 1.0 (from PC shareware hexndemo.zip):
  876a5a44c7b68f04b3bb9bc7a5bd69d6  hexen.wad (10,644,136 bytes)

Demo wad 1.1 (from Macintosh shareware MacHexenDemo.hqx):
  925f9f5000e17dc84b0a6a3bed3a6f31  hexen.wad (13,596,228 bytes)

We've done our best to support the old 1.0 wad files, but we strongly suggest that you patch your wads to version 1.1 to avoid possible issues. If for some reason patching is not an option and you run into problems, compile hhexen to specifically use version 1.0 hexen.wad: ./configure --enable-oldwad

Saved games and recorded demos from different wad versions are not compatible.

Those without the full retail version of Hexen can still play the demo. The newest demo wad (a 4 level version from the MacHexen shareware) can be downloaded from our downloads page. The PC shareware demo is older, and not recommended: if you specifically want to use it, we suggest recompiling hhexen with the --enable-oldwad option.

4. Compiling

You'll need SDL and SDL-devel packages installed, as well as the more common Gnu tools.

To compile the OpenGL version (hhexen-gl):


To compile the software version (hhexen-sdl):

        ./configure --disable-gl

The configure script accepts a new --with-audio=<driver> option. Valid values are oss, sdl, and sdlmixer. sdl is the default option. sdlmixer adds the ability of MIDI music playback, therefore, to compile with midi playback:

        ./configure --with-audio=sdlmixer

To compile the software version (hhexen-svga, for the old-fashioned :))

        ./configure --enable-svga

It's essential that you run make clean between different types of builds or different types of targets.

5. Playing the Game

Put the file hexen.wad in the same directory where the hhexen binary is and simply run the binary, for example:


With the -h or --help option, you can see the basic command line switches.

To play the Deathkings of the Dark Citadel expansion pack, put hexdd.wad in the same directory and run:

        ./hhexen-gl -file hexdd.wad

The -file option can also be used to play any extra hexen wads that you may have. The option takes as many wad filename arguments as you give to it, at least one name, of course. Remember, though, that the -file option makes the engine to load extra wads: you always need hexen.wad as the base wad.

Currently, varying screen widths/resolutions are only supported in OpenGL mode. Use, for example,

        ./hhexen-gl -width 1024 -height 768

A partial list of supported options is available using the "--help" option.

6. Custom Music playback

Playback of external ogg, mp3 and midi files is available when hhexen is configured with the "--with-audio=sdlmixer" option. This is done by placing custom music files in $HOME/.hhexen/music .

A high quality OGG version of the original Hexen soundtrack is available for download from Sycraft.org : http://sycraft.org/content/audio/hexen.shtml. To install, download the normal or high quality archive and unzip it. Create the music directory:

	mkdir -p $HOME/.hhexen/music		(for most end users)
	mkdir -p <install_dir>/music		(if you prefer that way..)
	mkdir -p <shared_datapath>/music	(mostly for packagers)

Place the ogg files in that new "music" directory you just created; remember that the filenames must be lower-cased. Now, when the game is run, the new music files should automatically be used.

7. Hints

You can switch between windowed and fullscreen modes with the ALT-Enter key combination.

Double-clicking with Mouse2 or Mouse3 acts as the 'activate' (or 'use') key.

There is still no way to assign mouse buttons to actions in the control-setup menu; it needs some work. Currently, the mouse buttons can only be assigned to a few actions:

  mouseb_fire    (fire)
  mouseb_strafe  (strafe)
  mouseb_forward (move forward)
  mouseb_jump    (jump)

which is done by editing $HOME/.hhexen/hhexen.cfg and changing these values. Button values are:

  left   mouse button = 0
  middle mouse button = 1
  right  mouse button = 2
  unused              =-1

So, to make the right button jump, change the mouseb_jump line in hhexen.cfg, like so:

  mouseb_jump 2

The user created fourth class, Assassin, is not quite finished yet, and is disabled by default. It can be enabled with configure --enable-assassin. The precompiled binaries of HHexen do not have the assassin enabled. Warning: There will be issues with the game saves made from assassin-enabled binaries and from those without, they are not compatible.

8. Todo

9. Short Changelog

Major changes in HHexen-1.6 since previous version HHexen-1.5:

Major changes in HHexen-1.4/1.5 since Dan Olson's original HHexen-1.3:

10. Contact

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